Why I Love Front Pocket Wallets

Traditional wallets are great for holding a lot of stuff—but that’s exactly what makes them bulky and, depending on the circumstance, a pain to bring along. Before I discovered that there were actually different types of wallets, I simply put up with this nuisance. But a keen eye and a friend popping out to pay […]

Dress For Success

Have you just graduated from college and are ready for your first corporate job?  It’s time you dressed the part. Hoodies and sweat pants were fine for four years and served you well. Now is the time to spruce up your wardrobe with professional attire. It’s time to lose the excess jewelry and tone down […]

Try Out The Best Men’s Bowler Hat Today

If you try to imagine the pictures of the world famous characters Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin or the four main characters of the Samuel Beckett’s created “Waiting for Godot” or if you even can imagine the Rene Magritte’s art work or a investment banker with lots of money you can easily find a […]