New Mom Shopping List Essentials

As a new mom, there will be all the things you will be receiving as gifts at your baby shower, but there are several essentials that you will need to buy yourself. It can get overwhelming; after all you have never gone through this need before and several companies would have you believing you need lot of stuff.

So, what do you really need to buy? Here is a list of essentials that will help in making the phase comfortable and convenient.


A majority of your life in the early weeks will involve changing diapers. You can opt for disposables, or flushable and biodegradable diapers. Decide which kind you want to stock and use ahead of time (10 to 12 diapers a day will be normally consumed during the first few weeks).

Petroleum jelly or diaper cream will also make the list, serving as a soothing balm to protect your little one’s skin from diaper rash. Also, you will need to select a diaper bag; make sure it’s something fashionable as it will be a part of your outfit for several weeks.


You will need a few items that assist you in comfortably supporting your baby feedings. Burb cloths will make your list as these essential items can be taken anywhere to protect your clothing from the inevitable spit-ups and other spills. Breastfeeding can also dry out delicate nipple skin, so nipple creams would be required to soothe soreness.

If you will be breastfeeding exclusively, buying a breastfeeding pump would mean that another caregiver can take care of some feedings, which will be a lifesaver on the days when you feel stressed out.


Unless you plan to share your bed with your newborn, you will need to add a crib on the list. You can search for foam crib mattress or go for a firm innerspring.

Buy two sets of crib sheets to reduce panic of laundry. Save blankets for cuddling, as soft bedding can pose SIDS risk. Crib bumpers should be avoided as they pose a similar risk.

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