Why I Love Front Pocket Wallets

Traditional wallets are great for holding a lot of stuff—but that’s exactly what makes them bulky and, depending on the circumstance, a pain to bring along. Before I discovered that there were actually different types of wallets, I simply put up with this nuisance. But a keen eye and a friend popping out to pay for dinner led me to discover something new: front pocket wallets.

What are front pocket wallets, exactly? The basic idea behind a front pocket wallet is that it’s compact enough to fit in your front pocket, instead of your back pocket. Front pockets are much slimmer than back pockets, which is why most wallets—unless you have a bag or purse—have to go in the back.

Front pocket wallets come in many different materials, colors, and designs. Some are very minimalist and don’t even fold—instead, they have card pockets in the front with a flap for sliding cash into. Others are more or less traditional wallets, but with a compact design replacing the larger, bulkier style.

If you aren’t yet convinced that a front pocket wallet is right for you, take a look at the following reasons why I love front pocket wallets—and you should, too!

They Helped Me Get Rid of Wallet Clutter

Have you ever noticed that you tend to have way, way too much stuff in your wallet? I never thought twice about this until I purchased my own front pocket wallet, emptied out my normal wallet, and realized that most of what was inside my first wallet was completely unnecessary. My personal wallet clutter included an array of empty gift cards, health insurance cards that were no longer valid and even receipts from stores and restaurants that I’d simply shoved inside my wallet. With a front pocket wallet, there’s literally no room for that kind of clutter, so you can say a thankful farewell to an overcrowded wallet.

They’re So Much More Convenient

This may come down to personal preference, but I hated having to go into my back pocket every time I needed to pay for something, show ID, or otherwise get something stashed in my wallet. It can take an annoyingly long time to fish a wallet out of your back pocket, and that’s to say nothing looking silly digging around back there! Front pocket wallets take seconds to get out, and they aren’t in such a conspicuous area.

They’re Not as Easily Pickpocketed

Most pickpockets start at the back, since people often shove wallets in their back pockets without a second thought. It’s much trickier and more noticeable when you try to take a wallet from someone’s slimmer front pocket, so there’s less worry about being randomly pickpocketed when you’ve got a front pocket wallet stashed tightly in the front instead of a thick wallet in a big, loose back pocket. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful in crowds—but it’s a decreased risk that is definitely worth mentioning.

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