Express Your Love With The Smell Of These Enticing Winter Flowers

Flowers are those wonderful and colorful cover on the earth that make this planet a beautiful one. Winters are the time to witness more of flowers and gifting these blooms would let your loved ones know about your feelings for them. The variety of colors and the enticing fragrance of these flowers make up for the best gifting option. So, welcome winters with open arms and send flowers to your friends, relatives, and loved ones to celebrate special moments. Here is a list of some of them that you can get for your people.


The beautiful flower named orchids signify traits of class, purity, passion, nobility, elegance, harmony, creativity, refinement, and connection. Get a large bouquet of orchids for your mom and hug her to say you love her and see the gleam in her eyes. In case your mom is away in Abu Dhabi, get the flower delivery in Abu Dhabi and make her happy and cheerful.



The name is quite an interesting one and the word Chrys in greek means golden color and anthemion means flower. So, this word chrysanthemum means golden flower. When you are gifting a chrysanthemum to someone, it means a lasting friendship, support, and loyalty and devotion. It is a best flower for your best friend.



The white and yellow color combination of this flower invites one to the land of merry-making and cheerfulness. It signifies cleanliness and purity of your soul and this is perhaps the freshest looking flower. The common symbolism of a daisy flower are: love, youth, purity, innocence, chastity, freshness, childhood, and motherhood. You can get this flower for your family members on their birthdays or anniversaries.



This one is believed to be the oldest flower of the world. Initially, it was available in peach and pink colors only but now in modern times, you get pristine white, red, green, yellow and purple with many striped or multicolored versions. Now, you can get carnations for almost any occasion because it denotes love and distinction. So, from weddings to Mother’s Day, and from Graduation day to Christmas, you can get this bouquet for anyone.

Along with these elegant flowers, also get a lovely cake delivery in Abu Dhabi to greet and treat your loved ones there.

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