Opening A Small Shop: Design Tips For Getting Started

You’ve always dreamed about opening your shop, and now finally you have it. However, it’s still nothing more than an empty shell and you are going to have to work hard to get it ready for opening day.

The design of your shop will play a key role in its success come opening day, so this is an area that you will have to think long and hard over. Here are a few design tips for converting your empty shop into something that will attract more customers off the street to spend their money on your merchandise.

Play to the Senses

Play to your customers’ senses by focusing on colour, light, music and smells. Create a colour scheme that will appeal to your target customers, whether that involves using bold colours or more calming neutral colours. Then use lights strategically placed around your shop to open it up and create the illusion of more space, especially through lighting up darker corners of the room.

Think about the music that will appeal to your target customers. In most cases, you will not want music that is too overbearing as this could put people off spending more time in your shop. And remember that pleasant aromas are a good way to both attract people into your shop and keep them there. Keep all of these ideas in mind to play to the senses of your customers and keep them shopping for longer.

Plan Your Product Displays

How you display your products will make or break the success of your shop. You want to avoid overcrowding your displays because clutter can be off-putting. However, you want to show off as much as possible, and you should therefore choose your shelving carefully.

Slatwall shelving is convenient and flexible, and if your shop is small, use thinner shelves that will create more space in your shop and draw people in. Also consider placing shelving up high to make more use of the wall space without overcrowding your shop.

Create a Stunning Window Display

This will be the biggest draw for people passing by. Design a window display that is original and bold to attract attention from the street. Try to focus on a theme if you can, and put a lot of thought into it to make it as intriguing as possible. It does not have to be expensive, and if you think about it carefully you can create an attractive display for very little cost.

Get Your Shop Ready for Business

The design of your shop is crucial when it comes to giving it the edge over your competition and winning the business of customers. Keep the above tips in mind when you design your retail space, and even when it is ready to go and you start selling your merchandise, never be afraid to change things up again. Try out different designs and experiment with various displays to see which works best in terms of generating sales, and make the design of your shop work to your advantage.

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