The Importance Of Muay Thai Shorts

Muay Thai, often called Thai Boxing, is a type of martial art and combat sport that was developed in Thailand. There are different versions about the period when this sport was invented, but most experts agree that Muay Thai existed in the 13th century. It is based on some martial art methods and techniques practiced by Siamese warriors. After some period of time, Muay Thai was practiced as a mean for the entertainment of the members of the ruling category of people (the king and his men). Nowadays, Muay Thai training is used as a fitness activity that can improve health in every individual. In order to achieve these health benefits, people must join a Muay Thai training camp. This is why many people travel to Thailand these days.

If you want to master this sport, you will need to use proper equipment. Muay Thai shorts are part of the basic Muay Thai equipment along gloves. They can improve your results during training.

Muay Thai training is very intense and rapid and requires a lot of punches, kicks, and different movements. Wearing ordinary shorts can’t help you achieve these things and that’s why you’ll need to wear special Muay Thai shorts. They will provide the necessary comfort and optimize your movement.

Even though they look similar they are not the same with boxing shorts. Muay Thai shorts are quite shorter and have wide leggings. This is quite natural because this is the only way to perform high, fast and strong kicks without limitations. In addition, the best models of this specific kind of shorts use very strong waistband that is usually three or even four inches thick.

There are a few different types of Muay Thai shorts in the market. They are made from different materials like satin, polyester, nylon and few other materials. The majority of professional fighters opt for satin Muay Thai shorts.

Next, when choosing Muay Thai shorts you must think about their size. They standard sizes are 26 inches x 14 inches (waist-length) for students and fighters that weight between 91 and 108 pounds and 50 inches x 21 inches for students/fighters that weigh over 176 pounds. It’s worth mentioning that these shorts come in different colors and specific designs that can make you stand out from the crowd of fighters and students and help you emphasize your character.

While we are talking about Muay Thai shorts, it’s also good to highlight the fact that buying a pair of these shorts in Thailand is the best idea. The best shorts are made in Thailand because manufacturers there hasexperience.

Finally, there are special Muay Thai shorts at Suwit Muay Thai that are made for females. So, if you are a girl and you want to find adequate clothing for this type of classes, look for ones designed for females.

Before buying a pair of Muay Thai shorts, check the official website of the brand that you are interested in.


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